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Federation of Eastern European
Family Historical Societies

Association of Belarusian Nobility
(Zhurtavannie Belaruskaj Sliachty)

Belarus Genealogy
Capital: Minsk

  Birth, Death, Marriage, & Divorce Records
  Census, Voter and Tax Records
  Cemeteries & Burial Records
  Obituary & Newspaper Articles
  Immigration & Naturalization Records
  Military Records
  • Military History of Belarus During WWII
  • The Russian State Military History Archive (RGVIA) Russia 107864 Moscow
    2nd Bauman Street, 3
    Phone +7-095-261-20-70

    (The RGVIA, serves as the centralized archive for military records of the Russian Empire, consolidating the holdings from various prerevolutionary Russian military archives and other repositories throughout the former Soviet Union. RGVIA retains documentation produced from the activities of highest, central, and local military administration and military agencies of the Russian Empire from the end of the seventeenth century until March of 1918).
    -- JewishGen.org
  Land Records & Maps
  Church & Bible Records
  Court, Wills & Probate Records


  Genealogy & Family History Resources
  Surname Resources
  Biographies, Correspondence & Diaries
  Occupations, Education & Institutions

  Ethnic Genealogy Resources
  History & Culture
  Museums & Historical Places

  Miscellaneous Resources

Official Language of Belarus:
Belarusian, Russian

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Provinces "Voblasts"

  • Biarescie (Brest) region
  • Harodnia (Hrodna) region
  • Homiel region
  • Mahiliou region
  • Miensk (Minsk) region
  • Viciebsk region

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