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  Alabama African American Records
  Alabama Native American Records
  Alabama African American Records ($)

  Alabama Native American Records ($)
  • Search the United States Indian Census 1885-1940
    Ancestry.com ~ The Indian Census schedules are census rolls usually submitted each year by agents or superintendents in charge of Indian reservations, as required by an act of 4 July 1884 (23 Stat. 98).
  Alabama African American Books
  • Researching African American Genealogy in Alabama Frazine Taylor provides the information and guidance to help locate the resources available for researching African American records in archives, libraries, and county courthouses throughout the state.
  • Neither Carpetbaggers Nor Scalawags: Black Officeholders During the Reconstruction of Alabama 1867-1878
  • Black Prisoners and Their World, Alabama, 1865-1900 In the late nineteenth century, prisoners in Alabama, the vast majority of them African Americans, were forced to work as coal miners under the most horrendous conditions imaginable. Black Prisoners and Their World draws on a variety of sources, including the reports and correspondence of prison inspectors and letters from prisoners and their families, to explore the history of the African-American men and women whose labor made Alabama's prison system the most profitable in the nation.
  • Dreams of Africa in Alabama: The Slave Ship Clotilda and the Story of the Last Africans Brought to America
  • Historic Plantations of Alabama's Black Belt
    Join author Jennifer Hale as she explores the history of seventeen of the finest plantation homes in Alabama's Black Belt. This book chronicles the original owners and slaves of the homes and traces their descendants, who have continued to call these plantations home throughout the past two centuries.
  • Alabama's Civil Rights Trail: An Illustrated Guide to the Cradle of Freedom
  • Alabama in Africa: Booker T. Washington, the German Empire, and the Globalization of the New South
  • A Right to Read: Segregation and Civil Rights in Alabama's Public Libraries, 1900-1965
  • Slavery in Alabama
    by James Benson Sellers
  Alabama Native American Books

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