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Sullivan County
New Hampshire Genealogy & Family History Resources

Cities, Towns, Villages & Communities:
Charlestown, Claremont, Cornish, Goshen, Newport, Plainfield, Sunapee, Washington

Established: July 5, 1827
Parent County: Cheshire
County Seat: Newport

  Birth, Death, Marriage, & Divorce Records
  • Sullivan County New Hampshire Vital Records
    (Divorce records may be obtained from County Courthouse. Birth, Marriage & Death records may be obtained from City or Town Clerks)

  • Sullivan County Clerk
    22 Main Street
    Newport, NH 03773-0045
    Phone: (603) 863-3450

  • Order Birth, Marriage and Death Records Online!
  • Acworth Town Clerk
    HC 61 Box 86
    Charlestown, NH 03603
    Phone: (603) 835-6879
  • Charlestown Town Clerk
    26 Railroad
    Charlestown, NH 03603
    Phone: (603) 826-5821
  • Claremont City Clerk
    Tremont Square
    Claremont, NH 03743
    Phone: (603) 542-7003
  • Cornish Town Clerk
    Town House Road
    Cornish, NH 03745
    Phone: (603) 675-5207
  • Croydon Board of Selectmen
    HCR 63 Box 9
    Newport , NH 03773
    Phone: (603) 863-7830
  • Goshen Town Clerk
    Goshen, NH 03752
    Phone: (603) 863-5655
  • Grantham Town Clerk
    Dunbar Hill Road
    Grantham, NH 03753
    Phone: (603) 863-5608
  • Langdon Board of Selectmen
    RR 1, Box 158A
    Langdon, NH 03602
    Phone: (603) 835-2389
  • Lempster Town Clerk
    Route 10
    Lempster, NH 03605
    Phone: (603) 863-3213
  • Newport Town Clerk
    15 Sunapee Street
    Newport, NH 03773-1462
    Phone: (603) 863-2224
  • Plainfield Board of Selectmen
    Town Administrator
    P.O. Box 380
    Meriden, NH 03770
    Phone: (603) 469-3201
  • Springfield Board of Selectmen
    P.O. Box 22
    Springfield, NH 03284
    Phone: (603) 763-4805
  • Sunapee Town Clerk
    23 Edgemont Road
    Sunapee, NH 03782-2513
    Phone: (603) 763-2449
  • Unity Board of Selectmen
    HCR 66, Box 176
    Newport , NH 03773
    Phone: (603) 542-9665
  • Washington Town Clerk
    7 Halfmoon Pond Road
    Washington, NH 03280-3102
    Phone: (603) 495-3667

  • Vital Records of Croydon, New Hampshire, to the End of the Year 1900 Ancestry.com
  • Social Security Death Index
    The Social Security Administration Death Master File contains information on millions of deceased individuals with United States social security numbers whose deaths were reported to the Social Security Administration. This file now contains over 89 million death records.
  Census, Voter and Tax Records
  Cemeteries & Burial Records
  • Cemeteries of Sullivan County New Hampshire
    Interment.net is a publisher of cemetery transcriptions for use by genealogists and local historians. Search and browse cemetery burial records from thousands of cemeteries across the world.
  Obituary & Newspaper Articles
  • Obituary Collection
    This database is a compilation of obituaries published in U.S. newspapers, collected from various online sources. ~ Ancestry.com
  • Read Historic Newspapers Online
    Read history as it was happening in more than 16 million pages from over 1000 different newspapers across the US, U.K. and Canada dating back to the 1700's. ~ Ancestry.com
  Immigration & Naturalization Records
  • Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s
    Updated annually, this database is an index to passengers who arrived in United States and Canadian ports from the 1500s through the 1900s. It contains listings of approximately 4,588,000 individuals and references thousands of different records compiled from everything from original passenger lists to personal diaries. For each individual listed, you may find the following information: name, age, year and place of arrival, and the source of the record.
  Military Records
  • Search Military Records
    Discover the heroes in your family tree in the Ancestry.com U.S. Military Collection Explore the largest collection of U.S. military records online draft cards, service records, muster rolls, as well as global military records. ~ FREE 14 Day Trial!
    Revolutionary WarCivil WarWWIWWII
    Other Conflicts
  Land Records & Maps
  Church & Bible Records

  Court, Wills & Probate Records

  City & Farm Directories
  • Search City & Farm Directories
    Searchable indexes; database results and some digitized images available with fee-based subscription
    Ancestry.com ~ Free Trial Available
  Genealogy & Family History Resources
  Biographies, Correspondence & Diaries

  Occupations, Education & Institutions

  Ethnic Genealogy Resources

  History & Culture

  Museums & Historical Places

  Miscellaneous Resources

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