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Libraries, Archives
& Repositories

Allagash Maine Public Library

Caribou Public Library
30 High Street
Caribou, Maine 04736
Phone: (207)493-4214
Fax: (207)493-4654

The Cary Library
107 Main Street
Houlton, Maine, 04730
Phone: (207) 532-1302
Fax: (207) 532-4350

Genealogy Database

Aroostook County Maine Archives
USGenWeb Archives

Historical Records Repositories in Maine
Maine State Archives

Maine State Archives

National Archives Guide to Genealogical Research

Family History Centers
LDS Genealogy
Mormon Genealogy

Caribou Maine
67 Paris Snow Drive
Caribou, ME 04736-2252
Phone: 207-492-4381

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Historical & Genealogical

Historical & Genealogical Societies are a great resource for local genealogical records and history of the area.

Allagash Maine Historical Society
Phone: (207) 398-3335
Phone: (207) 398-3347

Easton Maine Historical Society
2nd Floor Odd Fellows Hall
Phone: (207) 488-6846

Frenchville Maine Historical Society

Madawaska Historical Society
Library Building
Main Street
Madawaska, Maine


Aroostook County Maine Genealogy & Family History Resources
(Cities, Towns, Villages & Communities:
Allagash, Caribou, Eagle Lake, Fort Kent, Frenchville, Hodgdon, Houlton, Island Falls, Limestone, Madawaska, Mars Hill, Oxbow, Portage, Portage Lake, Sherman, Sinclair, Van Buren, Washburn, Weston)

Established: March 16, 1839
Parent County: Penobscot, Washington
County Seat: Caribou

  Birth, Death, Marriage, & Divorce Records
  Census, Voter and Tax Records
  Cemeteries & Burial Records
  Obituary & Newspaper Articles
  • Obituary Collection
    This database is a compilation of obituaries published in U.S. newspapers, collected from various online sources. ~ Ancestry.com
  • Read Historic Newspapers Online
    Read history as it was happening in more than 16 million pages from over 1000 different newspapers across the US, U.K. and Canada dating back to the 1700's. ~ Ancestry.com
  Immigration & Naturalization Records
  • Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s
    Updated annually, this database is an index to passengers who arrived in United States and Canadian ports from the 1500s through the 1900s. It contains listings of approximately 4,588,000 individuals and references thousands of different records compiled from everything from original passenger lists to personal diaries. For each individual listed, you may find the following information: name, age, year and place of arrival, and the source of the record.
  Military Records
  Land Records & Maps
  Church & Bible Records
  Court, Wills & Probate Records
  City & Farm Directories
  • Search City & Farm Directories
    Searchable indexes; database results and some digitized images available with fee-based subscription
    Ancestry.com ~ Free Trial Available
  Genealogy & Family History Resources
  Biographies, Correspondence & Diaries

  Occupations, Education & Institutions
  • National FindFamily Registry For People With Disabilities
    Nationwide, there are thousands of people with disabilities in care settings with no connection with family. Many families seek contact, but do not know how to re-connect with their family member. The FindFamily Registry is open to people seeking each other even though just bits of information are available.
  Ethnic Genealogy Resources
  History & Culture
  Museums & Historical Places
  Miscellaneous Resources

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