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  • 06/02/1949      Samuel R. Walker
  • 11/10/1961      William V. Caswell Jr.
  • 02/21/1963      Ben Clouser
    (Acting Postmaster)
  • 04/16/1965      John R. Welz
    (Acting Postmaster)
  • 07/26/1965      John R. Welz
  •                           Wayne McMahon
  • 10/13/1984      Douglas R. Yarroll
  • 02/05/1988       Joseph E. Mellen
  • 04/23/1988      Clyde A. Small II
  • 01/11/1991        Keith C. Newburn
  • 05/04/1991        Dwight L. Douvia
  • 01/08/1993        William J. Rogers
  • 03/06/1993        Philip Kuntz
  • 06/05/1999       Wayne L. Morrison
  • 11/26/2003       Mike Bishop
  • 03/06/2004       Ralph E. Parsons 


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