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Thank you kindly for emailing Kindred Trails with your questions. Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries we receive we may not be able to return an answer to your inquiry immediately. Our volunteers are working as quickly as possible and will get back to you as soon as they can. Inquiries are processed in the order they are received and many times we do not reply until we secure the answer to the question you are asking.

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Please note that we DO NOT perform research for individuals. We do not have the time, resources or expertise to assist you in this area. You are much better served by contacting a professional researcher listed in our classified section or one of the many volunteer lookups services that may be located on our links by location pages. Websites that are posted on Kindred Trails™ ARE NOT owned, operated or in any other way associated with Kindred Trails™ other than by hyperlink unless specifically stated so. Any website that is owned and operated by Kindred Trails™ will be clearly labeled as such. We cannot
answer questions for you regarding material found on third party websites. If you have a question regarding material found on a third party website, please contact the webmaster at the website in question. Webmasters should maintain contact information on their respective sites.