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Yesteryear: How Did They Do That?
We are here today because our ancestors were able to survive through physical and financial hardships, the likes of which most of us alive today have ever had to experience. Many of our kinfolk sacrificed everything they owned and risked their lives and their honor to help build a nation that would ensure freedom and liberty and a chance to succeed for their decendants. Telephones, indoor plumbing, electrical appliances and heat, air-conditioned shopping malls, automobiles and airplanes are just a few of the things we take for granted today that were unheard of in yesteryear. If you were forced to survive like your ancestors did, could you do it? How did they do all that they did? Click here to learn how to survive like your ancestors did! >> Read More

History of New York
The state of New York has accumulated a vastly interesting and influential history. Major trends in American history can be traced through the events that took place in New York, especially in terms of cultural and ethnic history. Beginning with the Native American cultures that once thrived in the state, and progressing through the Dutch, British, and American eras, New York has remained one of the most interesting case studies of immigration and settlement. America's cosmopolitan society of today is a legacy of the rich political and cultural history of New York. >> Read More
Looking for Immigrant Ancestors?
Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s
Updated annually, this database is an index to passengers who arrived in United States and Canadian ports from the 1500s through the 1900s. It contains listings of approximately 4,588,000 individuals and references thousands of different records compiled from everything from original passenger lists to personal diaries. For each individual listed, you may find the following information: name, age, year and place of arrival, and the source of the record. (Ancestry.com)

  DNA & Genealogy  
To understand your own health and well being you must understand the health of your ancestors. But who were your ancestors? How did they live? What legacy have they left for future generations? Are there long lost cousins out there who could provide you with missing pieces to your family's health-puzzle? >> Read More

  Genealogy Resources
Free Genealogy Resources
  Where to start?
  Your parents are aging, your
  children are starting families of
  thier own and you suddenly
  realize you don't know much
  about your family history. Here
  we have compiled thousands
  of resources for researching
  your family history categorized
  by country, state & county.
  Click here to start your journey
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  Creative Family Trees
  Family Tree Pillow
 You've spent years researching
 your family history and then you
 print out copies for your family
 only to witness them stow it  away without even reading it.  Well now you can create an  heirloom that will surely be  cherished and passed down to  future generations.
  Make a creative family tree >>
  Read Historical Reviews

  To truly understand the lives of
  our ancestors, we must under-
  stand the times in which they
  lived. Catalytic events through-
  out history often times dictated
  migration patterns and routes.
  These historical reviews take a
  look at the events that moved
  people throughout history.
  Click here to

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  Original Land   Ownership Maps
  Historical land owner-
  ship record books for
  original settlers   whose purchases are   indexed in the U.S.   Bureau of Land   Management database
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  Is There a Military Hero in Your Family Tree?
Discover the heroes in your family tree in the Ancestry.com U.S. Military Collection
The largest online assortment of U.S. military records, covering more than three centuries of American wars and conflicts. With more than 90 million names and 700 titles and databases of military records from all 50 U.S. states, there are countless opportunities to learn the stories of courage and sacrifice in your family tree. (Ancestry.com)

  Animated Atlas of  American History!
Growth of a Nation is a free, ten minute movie which depicts the geographic history of the United States from the beginning of the nation to fifty states. Geographic elements are interactive, as is the timeline. Movie takes sixty seconds to load with a 56K modem.
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